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Once I have developed my application using my Kinetis based FRDM board, how do I use it standalone?

Question asked by Rich Knowles on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2015 by Rich Knowles

This may be a newbie-level question so I apologize for putting it out there in advance.


I have been working on a simple application using my new FRDM-K22F module.  I would like to make this a standalone application which incorporates the FRDM-K22F module that would be connected to a second I/O board.  As I've used the IDE it is clear that it is only intended for development and not for actual usage, and I have not come across anything within it that suggests that it can create a standalone application.


How would a developer go about doing that?  Can the IDE create SREC's that can be flashed into the boards resident flash?  I've looked around on the web and I cannot find anything that suggests there is a standalone role for the FRDM modules?  Is the .elf file what executes, and if so, how do you link it and fix it into memory to start when you power on the board.  Am I missing something here?