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Accelerated graphics problem in imx53 and X11

Question asked by mc maddie on Jan 19, 2015
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I'm trying to get accelerated graphics working in imx53 running Linux and X11.


I got the driver compiled and loaded. The problem is that while loading the driver the following error is printed to X11-log:


[ 99548.775] (EE) imx(0): Exclusive access for Z160 interface failed.

[ 99548.775] (II) imx(0): No acceleration in use


I've been trying to eliminate things that might use Z160, but can't seem to find any. Any idea what might be preventing Exclusive access of the Z160 interface?  I'll add the full Xorg.log to this post.


xorg.conf on display driver part is:


Section "Device"

    Identifier  "i.MX Accelerated Framebuffer Device"

    Driver      "imx"

    Option      "fbdev"     "/dev/fb0"

    Option      "FormatEPDC"    "Y8INV"



Section "Monitor"

    Identifier  "Configured Monitor"

    Option          "DPMS"      "No"



Section "Screen"

    Identifier  "Default Screen"

    Monitor     "Configured Monitor"

    Device      "i.MX Accelerated Framebuffer Device"


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