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How can I clear all breakpoints in FRDM KE02Z board?

Question asked by Dave Telling on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by rickli

I deleted a line of code from my application in which I had set a breakpoint. When I went to run the modified code, I wanted to set a breakpoint in the new code, but got the "ding" warning when I tried to press F9 to set a breakpoint on the line in question. This meant, apparently, that I could not set the breakpoint. I then got back to the editor, and used F9 to set a breakpoint at the line I wanted to examone, and when I started the debugger, I got a warning that said I didn't have any hardware breakpoints available.

All I can think is that somehow, after deleting the line of code from my application in which I had set a breakpoint, the debugger still thinks that it already has a breakpoint set.

How do I clear this? In the IAR AVR tools, their JTAG debugger had "clear all breakpoints" option, but I cannot find anything similar in the P&E debugger used in the ARM tools.

Is there a way to reset this? If not, any suggestions as to how to resolve this issue?