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imx6 Off to On transition time?

Question asked by Katrina Gundal-Zaidi on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2015 by fork

The OFF to ON time is not working as expected. I put PWR_BTN_N and PMIC_ON_REQ on the scope. With the board off, as soon as the button signal goes low the i.MX6 raises the PMIC_ON_REQ with zero delay. Shouldn’t there 500mS between the two? What things might cause this? ON_TIME in SNVS_LPCR is at the default of 00 which should be 500ms. Also notable is both the Sabre and this board have a 200K resistor between PMIC_ON_REQ and PWR_BTN_N. What is this for? Could it be related to this issue?