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Re: How To: Get Started with MQX RTOS for Kinetis SDK v1.1

Discussion created by Panfeng Jiang on Jan 19, 2015
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Hello Mac,


This is an excellent getting started guide for MQX for Kinetis SDK. I was able to compile and test the MQX demos by following the step by step guide.

But besides compiling the "existing" example projects in SDK1.1 installation directory, could you please share some information about how to create a MQX project using KDS2.0 + SDK1.1 + PE from scratch?


I tried different ways to create a MQX project using KDS2.0 + SDK1.1 + PE from scratch on FRDM-K64F, but have not got satisfactory results:

1) Firstly I tried to use the MQX_KSDK component but with the error message as follows:

MQX_KSDK error.png

2) After reading through some of the posts, I just removed the MQX_KSDK component from the project and keep only the osa component as follows and changed the OS type to MQX_KSDK.


I then used the OS_Task component to create three tasks.


The first task "live_led" is to blink the red LED on FRDM-K64F, it actually worked fine.

The second task is to make the green LED on when SW2 is pressed, the third task is to make the blue LED on when SW3 is pressed. But after adding the SW2 and SW3 tasks, the project can be compiled but does not work any more. I could not find out why.

I attached the project file for your information.


If possible, could you please create a step by step guide to create a MQX based project using KDS2.0 + KSDK1.1 + PE from scratch?

Thank you very much!


-Panfeng Jiang

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