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Looking for "Ezport" info

Discussion created by Robert Gaftel on Oct 4, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2007 by Robert Gaftel

I am designing a hardware having the MFC52235. My dream is to be able to upload the firmware, without opening each casing of the future productions of interfaces, but the BDM port is not really suitable for that because of too many pins.

I heard about the possibility of firmware uploading via "Ezport", so i am looking for some infos for that, and i am looking also for a "ready to use" "Ezport" programmer interface (like the "USB Coldfire Multilink" for the BDM port).

PS: i found several posts about "Ezport" with MFC52235 in this forum, but all of them are not fixed. It looks like "Ezport" is too complex to use, or just simply not considered.

Is there any good news regarding "Ezport" with MFC52235 ?

What is the standard firmware uploading procedure for production ?