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Unable to change BOOT (FAT) partition size when building an sdcard image with Yocto

Question asked by gabriele74 on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by gusarambula

When building an image to be copied to sdcard via dd, the default boot partition (fat32) size

is 8Mb, as found in meta-fsl-arm/classes/image_types_fsl.bbclass:

BOOT_SPACE ?= "8192"


I'm trying to override this value to get a much bigger boot partition, like 132Mb

(this is needed because I need to create an one-time sdcard used for testing/factory programming

and I want to store a rootfs image to be programmed in that partition)


In my image recipe I've overridden BOOT_SPACE value but with no effect, i.e. in the resulting

image the fat32 partition is always 8Mb.

I can't understand this behavior because in the same recipe I override also IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE and

this value is taken into account and the resulting ROOTFS size is what I set!


This is my image recipe:


DESCRIPTION = "XY factory image"





inherit core-image


IMAGE_INSTALL += "mtd-utils"

IMAGE_FEATURES += " ssh-server-dropbear"


# Correctly used!


#Not taken into account. Why ?

BOOT_SPACE = "131072"


Any help greatly appreciated :-)