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CW 10.6 special edition suddenly shut down after 2 sec (Win7-64)

Question asked by Oliver Richter on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by Alice_Yang

Hi together

I had the problem now on 3 different win7-64 PC's:

I start Codewarrior (Special Edition for Kinetis, V 10.6).

After about 2 seconds, it disappears.


I used this CW version since it was released, and it worked on all 3 PC's before.

I usually change a lot on PC's, as developer, try new software, new hardware, install / update drivers etc. etc.

It is difficult to figure the reasoun out by stepping back to a previous state of PC, repeat all

changes, etc. etc. This is just too much effort.


I tried a lot: Re-Installing, updating, downgrading, registry clean, malware check, etc. etc.

Only thing which worked was setting a previous restore point on win7.

But this is not a permament solution, as the problem ocurs again and again, and after restoring,

win7 has "new updates", after which the problem re-occurs.


I can't analyze this or figure out the reason.


Any help would be appreciated.