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PIT trigger the DMA and the DMA transfer data to the DAC doesn't work

Question asked by Stefan Brehm on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by DHRUV A



I'm new here and with the MKL16 µC.

My aim is to use the PIT to trigger the DMA and the DMA should transfer Data out of RAM to the DAC.

My application uses a sine wave table (array) with 16 entries to generate a sound with the DAC.

The PIT is used to generate different frequencies for output to the DAC.


The PIT works, but the DMA takes only the first word of the sine wave and than it finished.

I have taken the configuration for the DMA and DMAMUX from the KL16 manual.

I use the PIT ch.1 --> DMA ch.1


Has anyone here realized a project like this and can help me?


If anyone needs my code i will publish it.