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LWADC/ADC confusion on twr52259

Question asked by Carl Norman on Jan 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Radek Sestak



I have ported our application from MQX3.8 to 4.1.1, so far it has required a little more coffee than I thought it would, but getting close to completing this job.


1. The MQX_IO_User_Guide.pdf that comes with MQX4.1.1 still has chapter 8 ADC Driver. The Release notes say this is no longer supported (but it does work). LWADC appears to be the only interface I can use?  Figure 2 in the MQX release notes shows the LWADC is supported in TWR52259, but, the LWADC.c files are not there, only the old ADC.c? And searching the BSP/PSP for LWADC comes up with 0 results, only the ADC stuff (which isnt supported according to the release notes)....... The lwadc files are not in the BSP, the examples are not... how do I use ADC in twr52259?

3. The project wizard also has no option for TWR LWADC example if you try to create it using that. The wizard for some reason has 52259evb and 52259demo which are not supported in MQX4.1.1 according to the release notes and builds available. Should the wizard reflect what is actually available? Would it be possible to have the wizard look at custom BSP's and allow you to use them (would be nice for creating empty projects with your custom BSP


Before I start, is this is the same for LWGPIO? Is the old GPIO driver supported or only the new LWGPIO? Will i have the same problem as above?