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MAC address (CRC hardware) filter is all zero and promiscuous mode bit is zero, but still receiving Ethernet messages...

Question asked by rick stuart on Jan 18, 2015
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I have a project where I want to receive Ethernet message for 2 different MAC addresses.  I have code that receives a MAC that I have assigned to the Ethernet-port/RTCS stack.  I can see these messages in the receive-Ethernet-message-call-backs I have set up.  Now I want to also receive a 2nd set of Ethernet messages with a different MAC address.  I want both MAC address to make it back to my receive-Ethernet-message-call-back function.


Question: What is the easiest way of doing this?


I thought the easiest way was to open up the MAC hardware filter on the Freescale processor.  But, I inspected the ENET_IAUR, ENET_IALR, ENET_GAUR and ENET_GALR registers using the debugger and see that they are all zero!  So, I assumed promiscuous mode was enabled.  So I inspected ENET_RCR-PROM and see that that bit is 0.  That is, promiscuous mode is disabled!


Question: How is this possible to receive any Ethernet messages if all the hardware MAC filters are set to block all messages?


My code is running and I can receive Ethernet messages with the MAC I have used to configure my code thus far.  And I have check alternative MAC address and do not see them.  So there is filtering going on somewhere.


Question: Where does MQX filter the inbound MAC addresses?