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debugging u-boot on p3041 with codewarrior

Question asked by david howard on Jan 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by david howard

I am going to bring up u-boot on a new P3041 cpu board of our design. In preparation I am working with u-boot on P3041DS to learn how to debug u-boot. I have read AN4876 which describes debugging uboot on a 1020 cpu.


Now I am running into a problem. My u-boot build works on the P3041DS and boots properly. When I debug with codewarrior tap, I am able to step through start.S from the reset vector up to the point it executes the RFI instruction to switch from AS0 to AS1 and execute 'switch_as'.. AN4876 implies I should be able to step into the RFI and continue from there. However on the P3041DS, when I step into the RFI, the program counter goes to the correct address however the memory there contains garbage. Since this u-boot works if booted without the tap, there must be some trick I am missing to be able to continue stepping. or is it not possible with a p3041 cpu?


Has anyone run into this?