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CW6.7 - MPC8560 - Flash Programmer: CCSProtocolPlugin::Could not connect

Discussion created by Benson Kwon on Oct 4, 2007
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Hi all!
I used the Codewarrior for MPC8560, it worked well utill last month, but it dosen't now.
Error message is as below;
Using Algorithm: intel16x2j3.elf

=== Target Configuration Settings
=== Connection:    CodeWarrior Ethernet TAP
=== Target Processor: 8560
=== Target Init File: C:\Program Files\Freescale\CodeWarrior PA V8.7\PowerPC_EABI_Support\Initialization_Files\PQ3\8560ADS_RevA_init_CSJ.cfg
Flash Programmer: CCSProtocolPlugin::Could not connect to the requested core core #0.
Timestamp:  Thu Oct  4 10:57:22 2007
What's wrong with it?
Our environment is as below;
CW version : 8.7
Host OS : Windows XP(Use the dongle key)
H/W tool : Ethernet TAP
CPU : MPC8560
Please, give me a answer
Thank you in advance!
Best Regards,
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