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Wake up from STOP mode

Question asked by Fabrizio Impinna on Jan 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by Fabrizio Impinna


I am working with a MC9S12ZVL and I need to put the micro in STOP mode and wake it up. When I put the micro in STOP mode I am not able to wake it up.

I should wake up the micro using the key-wakeup (KWU) interrupt of the port AD and L.

I have enabled the bit PIEADL/H of Port Interrupt Enable Register for the Port AD but it has no effect on the wake up of the device.

Could you give me any suggestions?

It should be possible to wake up the micro using AD and L ports, could you confirm it?


In case I was interested in using the XIRQ or the IRQ interrupts to wake up the micro, in reference manual it is written that the "I bit cleared in the condition code register". Where is it possible to find the asm instruction to clear that bit?


thanks in advance