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Problem with colilo on mcf548x

Discussion created by James Kimble on Oct 4, 2007
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I am attempting to port colilo (the boot loader included in the BSP provlded for the 5484/5485 eval board) to a custom board based on the Freescale eval board.  The boards are very much the same (ours didn't need things like the PCI connection or VGA) with the exception of the memory map. The eval board had SDRAM at the top of memory (0x0) and flash at the bottom whereas our board has flash at (0x0) and SDRAM starting at 0x3000 0000. Our flash chips have their CS tied together so I can only address them as one chip (dumb, don's ask me why...). which is a pain but shouldn't matter for what I'm doing at the moment.

Anyway, I've got Colilo starting up from flash, intializing the flexbus and the SDRAM, the console works via RS232 and the ethernet is up and going along with the tftp client that allows me to download images into the RAM. The problem is that when I try to jump to that image (vmlinux.bin) nothing happens. I just get no response after issuing the go command. I've looked at what's going into ram after the download and it's not corrupted (same as when I view the file with a hex editor). I'm sort of stuck. The data is in ram, the address to jump to is being passed to the "startimage" routine. What the heck could be happening?

Any ideas at all would be much appreciated!!!