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OSA FreeRTOS overhead on K22F? (&Bug)

Question asked by Tharon Hall on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2015 by Richard Barry

I have the FreeRTOS flavor of OSA running on a K22F FRDM board. The default tick frequency is 100 Hz. I need to do some homework to see if I need to tweak that.


Does anyone have a sense of how much overhead there is associated with the OS tick? It is a 120MHz M4F core, so it should be pretty zippy, but the impact is obviously  non-zero. It would be very helpful to understanding the trade offs if I had quantitative data on the overhead.



BTW, I ran into an odd bug when FreeRTOS xTaskGenericCreate() was called by the OSA wrapper. The PRIORITY_OSA_TO_RTOS(priority) macro was clobbering the priority in OSA_TaskCreate() and a configASSERT() was failing. I simply passed a meaningful value direct to FreeRTOS and got it working. Not sure why that didn't work out of the box, but beware of that landmine.