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TRK-KEA128: How shall I add a component like the CAN_LDD to the sample project TRK-KEA128_Lab4:

Question asked by Alexander Doerr on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by ZhangJennie

I use the CW MCU v10.5 with several patches for the Kinetis starter trak TRK-KEA128 (80 Pins MCU) RevD. From the tutorial I found the Training course  TRK-KEA128_Lab4. I load the training source code via File --> Import --> Existing projects into workspace into the CW. I could compile and run the LAB4 demo on the TRK-KEA 128 board.

Next I want the CAN_LDD for a 500Kbit CAN bus listener into the Demo code. However I can found the CAN_LDD in the component library, but there is no possibility to double click or to select it to my DEMO Project. So I want to enable the processor expert for the Project. In the Wizzard I select SKEAZ128... (80pins package). The processor expert process finished, but I run the Software on the target any more. Errors occurs, which I now try to solve manually.