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iMX53 NAND Boot DBBT format query

Question asked by Bruno De Paoli on Jan 15, 2015
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I'm having problems booting an iMX53 based platform from NAND. I'm using kobs-ng to set up the FCB and DBBT structures in NAND as required. The platform is not booting and it seems to be failing very early in the bootup process because it reverts to the USB serial loader.


I''ve been looking at the FCB and DBBT areas in NAND to see if there are any obvious problems and I have a question about the DBBT format.


The iMX53 reference manual (Section describes the format of the DBBT in NAND. The number of entries is at byte index 4*pageSize+0x00004. Page size in NAND is 2048 so this entry should be at 0x2004 offset from the start of the table (at least this is my understanding). However kobs-ng (I am using version 1.2) only seems to write 1 page when setting up the DBBT and so the number of entries is never updated and is the erase value of  0xFF.


This seems incorrect. Is my understanding of this right or am I missing something?