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FRDM-K64F - Failed to printf message through TelnetServer

Question asked by yangdongxuan on Jan 15, 2015


Im using MQX4.1 on FRDM-K64F board.

Now I create a project to setup a TelnetServer and use it to print some messages to the Client.

I have used func '_io_set_handle()' to change the handle of stdout/stdin, but it doesnt work well.

It means when i use printf(), the message doesnt print on the client immediately, the message was printed after I input something from the client.

  if(TELNETSRV_telnetfd!=NULL)   {     _io_set_handle(IO_STDIN, TELNETSRV_telnetfd);     _io_set_handle(IO_STDOUT, TELNETSRV_telnetfd);   }   printf("hwtimer1_callback...\n");  

TELNETSRV_telnetfd is a global MQX_FILE_PTR value that I added in telnsrv.c

TELNETSRV_telnetfd  held the value of telnetfd in TELNETSRV_child()


Here is the code...

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