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Quick questions about TSS proximity

Question asked by kazola on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by kazola

Good afternoon,


I'm using the TSI for a KL05Z. My system is working quite well and I think I know which parameters affect me and which not. However, I would like to ask several questions in order to have some concepts for sure All of them are regarding the proximity feature of the TSS library. I also use Processor Expert and FreeMaster. This way of debugging is very graphical and useful

My system is very close to an electric line so AC interferences are clearly visible on FreeMaster once I turn on the load. Thus, to begin with, my questions come next, all of them are very easy and / or provide the answer themselves.


     1) I use AFID mode because of the present noise. However, I do not see much difference by tweaking the SLOW and FAST filter values. Are they really worth tweaking in this proximity case? Perhaps they are only useful for touch purposes?


     2) Same question for "Automatic Sensitivity Calibration" and "Baseline Initialization". Do they affect proximity? I think not since I expressly indicate my desidered value in "Proximity & Low-Power Electrode Sensitivity".


     3) I increase the "Response Time" in order to try to be less prone to interferences. However, this is increasing my system's delay also to real proximity events. Do I understand right? I cannot increase my sample number because of other reasons and I know "Response Time" is a multiplication factor of "Sample number" (or at least this is what I understood).


     4) Also, I would like to know, more or less, the equivalent time in milliseconds of a Slow DC Tracker Factor = 30 multiplied by a DC Tracker Factor = 30.


     5) Finally, which is the approximate range I could obtain from one square inch of metal?


Well, let me know what you think about my questions! Happy new year!