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K22 MXQ4.02 serial port will miss characters if paste a lot of commands together(cause overflow and RX_OVERRUNS)

Question asked by wangson wang on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by Tim Meyer



I searched the same question but not found similar ones. As title described, when I paste a lot of commands at the same time, eg: help, or wmiconfig.. (More than 10+), the shell will echo some of them (maybe 6), the remained commands will not be executed. This can be understood because UART can't handle high-speed data/cmd input/output. Am I right? I set 8-n-1 no flowcontrol and 115200 baud rate.


When above action is done, the next serial input will be misplaced. when I input "help", the serial output will be "xhel" where x is the last character just before the current input. Most times it is "\r". That means when I input "12345" it can only show "123", when I input "\n \n", the "45" will be displayed on serial port.


I verified with almost the same SDK on K60 (120Mhz MCU), this issue can't be found. But when I try on K22(50Mhz MCU), it can be reproduced easily. Would anyone give some advice?Thanks.