Robert Gaftel

Firmware uploading and PHY protection for printed boards production

Discussion created by Robert Gaftel on Oct 2, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2010 by Justin Abraham
I am wondering about 2 points, before making the production of printed boards with MFC52235:

1 - I am looking for an easy way to upload the software into the processor flash ram.
Actually i know only the "USB Coldfire Multilink" solution ; it works well but the connector is a bit big and not easy to put in rear side of the interface casing. I read about using "EzPort", which uses less pins, so this solution would be nice in order to be able to program the chip without opening the interface casing (i mean the possibility to put the connector in rear side of interface casing). But until now i was not able to find a "ready to use" "EzPort" programmer interface on the market. Does somebody know some ?

2 - Regarding the PHY physical connection, is it standard to connect pins70to74 of the MCF52235 to pins1,2,3,6 of the rj45 Ethernet socket ? Or is it strongly advised to insert some protection component between the processor and the Ethernet socket ? Note: the printed boards will be sold to end users, so they need to resist against bad manipulation, like a basic Ethernet hub does.