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How to use I2C1 in MCIMX287 to support the SGTL5000?

Question asked by 袁 杰 on Jan 11, 2015
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I have a problom which is very tough. I have a third party custom board. The SGTL5000 is connected to the I2C1 of i.MAX287 phsycally, That  is the problom, because I have got the drivers of SGTL5000 from freescale board. In the wince6.0 kernal ,If I chose the I2C2 , then I cannot chose audio driver.  The I2C2 in wince6.0 kernal is to I2C1 of i.max287 physical.

So, how can i modify the kernal to let me use the SGTL5000 which is connected imax287 on I2C1?

Thanks .