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T4240 not booting properly on CW

Question asked by David Chung Employee on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by Yiping Wang

I have been trying to load RCW and uboot from SPI flash on the T4240 Rev. 1.  However it does not boot properly on Code Warrior.  I do not see any boot messages.  I tried fixing it by adding a PBI command which causes GPIO switching activity after copying uboot to CPC1 memory.  I see GPIO activity on the oscilloscope during boot attempts, but afterwards there is a PBI Flush command at which point the process stalls.  I am now attempting to establish debug connection using JTAG, using Code Warrior 10.3.3 and USB TAP.  This solution once worked for another project that used the P4080D, but on the T4240 I am getting a scan timeout error.  How can I establish connection to the T4240?