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Adding linux-test module to Android build

Question asked by Krzysztof Szałach on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by Krzysztof Szałach



I'm trying to add memtool module to Android 4.2.2. According to suggestions received I've applied patch for this (android-imx6-kitkat/0400-ENGR00268294-Add-memtool-test-into-i.MX6-android.patch at master · rabeeh/android-imx6-kitkat ·…) - it's ofr 4.4.4 but it probably should work on 4.2.2. When patch applied, was added to folder /external/linux-test/test/memtool.


Unfortunatelly, after rebuilding android filesystem I still have no executable here. Is there any more place, that I have to select this module to be included?