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How do you use the eeprom in a KE02Z device?

Question asked by Dave Telling on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by SAIPRIYA SUBRAMANIAN

I see that the KE02 devices all have 256 bytes of eeprom, but some things are not clear. It appears that there are a bewildering number of options when using the flash/eeprom for data storage, and I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions.

1. I am using the IAR tools. If I want to store, for example, an array in flash or eeprom, do I have to explicitly specify a memory address, or is there a way to tell the compile/link process to place it in that memory space? The AVR has an intrinsic: __flash or __eeprom that handle this, but the ARM tools do not seem to have something similar.

2. Is it possible to write at the byte level, or are you required to write an entire block to change one byte?