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Trouble running demos for TWR-K64F120M

Question asked by Drew Kelley on Jan 8, 2015
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I'm trying to get some of the demos for the TWR-K64F120M up and running to familiarize myself with the environment before I get started on actual projects and I'm running into trouble actually programming the board. Well, running the program once I've flashed it.



Using Kinetis Design Studio 2.0.0 and KSDK 1.1.0, I followed the steps to build the KSDK libraries and I've imported the Hello World demo from KSDK_PATH/Demos/hello_world/kds/twrk64f120m. I then cleaned and built the project which finished successfully. I plugged in my TWR board to the OpenSDA/Power usb port and selected the pre-configured debug profile "hello_world_twrk64f120m debug pne" to debug. No errors occur during the programming but I do get a "Warning 17927. Target MCU mismatch. Download performance limited" message in my console:


Execution breaks upon entering the main function as expected, but as soon as I hit continue I immediately break in the Reset_Handler section of startup_MK64F12.s (line 328). Trying to continue just loops me back to the start of the Reset Handler. Additionally, I'm not seeing the "Hello World" output in my serial terminal (set to 115200 baud rate on COM 5. Verified COM5 is the port associated with the board and is using the "OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port" driver according to Device Manager) - I've also verified that the jumpers on J10 and J15 are set to route UART1 through the OpenSDA chip.


I've tried updating the OpenSDA firmware from P&E Micro but that didn't help.


I'm having this reset handler loop problem with all of the demos so it's not restricted to just the Hello World setup.


Is there something I'm missing here? I would have expected the demos to work out of the box without any issue.


Any and all suggestions/help appreciated!