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g2d_blit() returns empty image, no errors, on iMX.6 yocto

Question asked by Dmitry Ponv on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Dmitry Ponv

Good afternoon,


I'm following the examples in i.MX_6_G2D_API_User's Guide


My issue is that g2d_blit conversion works, but the returned image is all 0's


All error values for g2d functions are 0, indicating there was no errors


My code is shown below:


If I replace

ExportBmp((uint8_t*)(dst.planes[0]), width, height);


ExportBmp((uint8_t*)(src.planes[0]), width, height);

I get the correct image saved,

If I keep it the way it is, I get an image that is all black


My width = 240, height = 180


This API has very little documentation, and it does not mention whether it needs continuous physical memory address, or an array that may be fragmented in memory

I have tried both approaches, and both approaches returned a blank image.

The continuous memory addresses (for the source and destination images) I was able to allocate with ioctl in the IPU


Is there something wrong with the G2D API?

What could be causing this?






    void* handle;


    src.planes[0] = (int)source;

    src.left = 0; = 0;

    src.right = width;

    src.bottom = height;

    src.stride = width*2;

    src.width = width;

    src.height = height;

    src.rot = G2D_ROTATION_0;

    src.format = G2D_RGBA8888;

    dst.planes[0] = (int)dest;

    dst.left = 0; = 0;

    dst.right = width;

    dst.bottom = height;

    dst.stride = width;

    dst.width = width;

    dst.height = height;

    dst.rot = G2D_ROTATION_0;

    dst.format = G2D_RGBA8888;

    error =g2d_blit(handle, &src, &dst);



    error =g2d_finish(handle);

    error =g2d_close(handle);


    ExportBmp((uint8_t*)(dst.planes[0]), width, height);