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KDS 2.0 New Project Wizard and KSDK

Question asked by Tom Moulton on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Adrian Cano

I have been experimenting with various ways of creating KDS Projects (File-New-Create KDS Project) and would like to better understand what the resultant project is using as the Run-Time.


In all cases we pick a Project Name and files location followed by the board (or processor, but let's just stick to Supported FSL Boards)

All the choices I lists below are on the "Rapid Application Development" page


Kinetis Software Development Kit

On the RAD page there are two major choices "Kinetis SDK" and "Processor Expert"


I am assuming (maybe incorrectly) that if I do not enable the SDK then I am not taking advantage of the bulk of the new features and I might as well be using generic Eclipse.


With that said, here are the various configurations I have been looking at


1) Kinetis SDK - Enabled, Processor Expert Disabled

This appears to setup processor define and include paths to use the SDK

There is no extra hand holding wrt API

There are no OSA functions (OS Abstraction layer)


This appears to be bare metal unless you manually add an RTOS, such as MQX 4 or another RTOS of your choice


2) KSDK Enabled, PE Enabled

Again processor define and SDK include paths added

Processor Expert provides access to SDK components

Component Browser exposes documentation to the APIs available

osa1:fsl_os_abstration (os=Bare Metal)

OS_Task if added as well as others


This appears to be SDK with the OSA run-time


3) KSDK Enabled, PE Enabled, osa.OS=MQX_KSDK

Same as #2 but with the os=MQX_KSDK the osa1 component includes a range a Lightweight MQX functions


This appears to be the SDK with MQX-Lite - Is that Correct?


This level of integration is very nice and I hope as the product grows this will be extended to allow selection of various MQX features, such as lwip or RTCS


I have included a lot of information here from my observations and I am looking for confirmation of these impressions.