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DemoS12XEP100 xgate with PE (cw5.1 professional eval version)

Question asked by lu zc on Jan 8, 2015
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I am now working with DemoS12XEP100 board,(S12XEP100CAL). Codewarrior is professional version with 30 days evalation. I have seen the and download the zip file from Procedure to add XGATE support to projects using Processor Expert for HCS12X

I have config the project step by step. But when the program starts, it will soon stop due to a illegal breakpoint.

The first question is what is the mean of step 3 "Do the same for all target settings", does it means all the command line arguments should add -D__FAR_DATA?

The  second question is when I set the command line arguments, the prm file does not add the line "RAM_XGATE_STK = READ_WRITE 0xF81000 TO 0xF810FF; /* The stack is set by the XGATE compiler option -Cstv=8100 */" should I add this line by hand?

Lu zhengchen