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Disable RTOS startup code in KDS

Question asked by Lijo Francis on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by Daniel Cheng

Dear sir,

     I am using Kinetic development studio.If i am using processor expert .There is automatically comes with RTOS start up.How to disable RTOS startup initialization in KDS.Because Now i dont using RTOS facility.If i comment this RTOS init lines,and i changed some code in cpu.c. then build the code ,Its working.But after some time i try to bulid the code.there is coming window says that starting RTOS startup.and they change out modified cpu.c to original starting one.the my modified cpu.c gone.Thats y i am asking how to disable RTOS startup.I am using processor expert because i want some basic file .Because if i am using processor expert i get some source file that similar to example code that help me to study the controller initilisation.Thank you