Michael Schwager

Is FlashX-SWAP available on TWR-K60N512?

Discussion created by Michael Schwager on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by Michael Schwager

Hi, I'm looking for flashx-swap example for TWR-K60N512.


The chip, PK60N512VMD100, appears to support separate flash banks, based on the reference manual K60P144M100SF2V2RM.

However the only K60 examples that appear for flash are for twrk60d100m and twrk60f120m.


The flash_ftfl_prv.h file shows FTFL_SWAP_SUPPORT which is not defined.

So it looks like either a) I'm reading the datasheet wrong, or b) this functionality is not (yet?) supported in TWR-K60N512.


Is there any way to get flash swap functionality for this board/chip?