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KL02 Could not read flash

Question asked by hughesk on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by hughesk


I am using the KL02 in my design, and have produced a prototype board.  I'm having issues connecting to the chip, however.


using JLink Commander, I am apparently able to erase the chip, but I cannot successfully do anything else from, e.g., IAR.  Occasionally when trying to program the chip, but not always, I get the message that the chip is secured.  I select "unsecure," but the process still fails.  Here is the error message I've been getting:


Failed to prepare for programming.

Could not read target memory.

Please check your flash settings!


Besides selecting a device, there does not seem to be any other flash settings to check.


Has anyone seen this and successfully recovered from it?

Any ideas what I'm missing?