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Confirming BSPs for various chips and tower system

Question asked by Michael Schwager on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Michael Schwager

Hi, I find I'm confused about the BSPs that are generated from the BSP cloning tool.

I'm using various flavors of K60, MQX 4.1.1.

I vaguely recall there was something about silicon versions that made it non-obvious which BSP to use for a given tower system, and this had a significant effect on the code used for the clock init code, ie if you used the obvious one it didn't work, so you had to use a non-obvious one.

I've also noticed that the CPU target in a BSP is different from what the chip label says, which I think is part of the above recollection.


Can someone please confirm the following BSPs and CPU targets are correct for the following configurations?

I'm mostly concerned that I'm using the right BSP for my custom boards.

PCB/HardwareCPU name on chipClone tool board nameconfig.h CPU identificationCloned CPU target for BSPCloned CPU target for examples
Custom V1MK60DN512ZCAB10Rtwrk60n512 -- ???PSP_CPU_MK60DN512ZMK60DN512Zxxx10MK60DN512Zxxx10
Custom V2MK60DN512LVQ10twrk60d100m -- ???PSP_CPU_MK60D100MMK60DN512xxx10MK60DN512xxx10


Why is the Z target used for PK60N512VMD100 tower chip?  I understand Z is initial silicon, but this is not printed on the chip on the tower PCB.

Why does the BSP merely target the core (Cortex-M4), but the examples target the specific CPU (MK60DN512Zxxx10) ?


Short version posted here:

Which BSP to use?