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Hi, we are facing unexpected memory failure on imx.6 sololite MCIMX6L3DVN10AA with linux android kitkat

Question asked by Rammohan Basavaraju on Jan 5, 2015



Hi, we are working with IMX.6 Sololite processor (MCIMX6L3DVN10AA N20G GPU, no EPDC) and facing several memory access failures on linux-android kitkat. we found with same hardware & software design working fine on MCIMX6L8DVN10AB N20G GPU, EPDC.

  1. Freescale or other standard reference board used
    1. MCIMX6L3DVN10AA N20G GPU, no EPDC evaluation board
  2. Kernel version and/or BSP release used
    1. linux kernel 3.14,
  3. Any additional software/application or hardware used
    1. android kitkat
  4. Expected and observed behavior
    1. after boot up several unexpected memory access failure like NULL pointer dereference, data aborts, page faults are coming. these are not related any specific process context and are coming un expectedly. when we try to enter into suspend-to-RAM, target crashing immediately. we are suspecting it might be an issue with DDR timing.
  5. Steps to reproduce
    1. just boot the target
  6. Frequency of reproducibility (always, usually, sometimes)
    1. always

Can you please suggest any DDR timing initialisations missing in  MCIMX6L3DVN10AA part and provide any kind of experiments to carry out.




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