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How to  keep uboot logo  from uboot to kernel (LVDS ANDROID4.3 sabreauto)

Question asked by Qiang Wang on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by qiang xie


according to

1: i copy uboot-imx\0001-Enable-uboot-logo-for-HDMI-LCD-and-LVDS.patch and apply them on UBOOT

use IPU_NUM  1,  DI_NUM  0,  LVDS_PORT 0,

now the uboot logo is display normal



i copy the two patch files to Android kernel_imx folder and apply them on sabreauto

-- kernel_imx\0001-Keep-uboot-logo-for-Android-boot-supports-HDMI-LCD-a.patch

-- kernel_imx\0002-Bug-fix-for-uboot-logo-keep-patch.patch




the system block  bootanimation

if i delete "service bootanim /system/bin/bootanimation"(in init.rc),it will block on systemui,

and the logo is still keep



if i draw a red rect on fb0 by my test program  before block ,the rect display normal


it means:

if android draw will block ,test program draw sucess