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Can anyone share sample code for a MQX-Lite ISR for LLWU?

Question asked by James Vasil on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by Adrian Cano

I want to use the LLS mode of the Kinesis K24 processor we are using for sleep mode.



We are using Processor Expert 10.4 and I finally found the "Init_LLWU" component [HINT: it is NOT added automatically when you set STOP operation mode to LLS or VLLS3] and added that.  And I think I have correctly configured the pin I want to wake the device (LLWU pin 4).


However, this component generates an error if you do not enter a name in the "ISR Name" field.  [ASIDE: This is true whether or not the "Interrupt request" checkbox is checked so it's not clear what that checkbox is doing--if anything.  Is this a bug?]


Once I enter a name, I can successfully "Generate Processor Expert Code."  However, when I try to build the project, the linker (IAR in this case) complains about there being no definition for the ISR.


Can anyone provide an example of a simple ISR that can be linked in to handle this interrupt.  All it needs to do is to allow the processor to continue running after an edge is detected on the GPIO (I'm using PTA13 which I have also shared with an ExtInt_LDD component).  While I can find multiple examples of how to use the low-power modes when running on a bare-metal processor, I have been unable to find one that uses MQX-Lite.  This is surprising since I'd think that the majority of users of these processors would need to put the processor into one of the low-power modes sooner or later!!


Anyhow, any help will be appreciated!!


Thanks in advance,