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Android NAND UBI permissions

Question asked by Tim Harvey on Jan 5, 2015
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I'm using the Freescale Kitkat Android BSP for an IMX6 based board with NAND flash. While the Freescale patches to Android include pulling in external/mtd-utils with some (dated) support for ubi/ubifs this creates a SYSTEM partition with ownership/permissions that do not match those defined in system/core/include/private/android_filesystem.


I've noticed that files in out/target/product/<device>/system all have ownership and umask matching the build user and build user's umask at the time of build and that Android has its own make_ext4fs utility (out/host/linux-x86/bin/make_ext4fs built from system/extras/ext4_utils/make_ext4fs.c) specifically to manage the permissions and ownership of the files in SYSTEM. Doesn't mtd-utils need to be patched to create the files in a ubifs in the same way?






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Arpan Chakravarty