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Looking for the right i.mx6 Embedded Linux board

Question asked by Mosi Yaghi on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2015 by Jas Math

Hi guys. I'm an Embedded Linux developer and I've been working on a product that uses an Embedded Linux for ARM based board. The board I'm currently using is a Samsung Exynos Cortex-A9 and it's not much industrial. For this reason I've always wondered about using an freescale board. Although it's a great board for developing Qt4 applications since it has a great 7" LCD and capacitive touch and both work great with Qt4. We used this board to develop and finalize our GUI application. Now that it's almost finished I'm looking for a appropriate freescale Cortex-A9 board.

Now a couple of things that are important :

Board should has a freescale i.mx6 Cortex-A9 processor

Capable of connecting 7" LCD with touch support (it's better to be tested and included with the board)

At least 4GB eMMC or more (or any sort of NAND Flash) .That's because I don't like it when OS loads and runs on a SD Card!

Couple of USB hosts and one Ethernet interface

SD Card slot or SATA connector

It kind of matters that the board and LCD are industrial considering it should work in different weather conditions

Capable of running Qt4 applications with GUI and touch support

Good software package support with newer kernel version

Now the reason that I asked here was that I couldn't find a good board. Most of them are proud of their HDMI and HD output which is not the case for me. They didn't provide a LCD touch for their board. Another ridiculous problem is that they almost come without an eMMC for running OS and there is just an MicroSD for this purpose!!

And finally they do not work in an industrial environment.

Now could you please introduce some boards with mentioned features?

Thank you very much.