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MQX-Lite and OperationModes

Question asked by Dominic Ast on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by Kerry Zhou

Dear all


I try to use MQX-Lite together with Operation-Mode STOP (LLS) and I have two questions about it:


1) I read in the paper on page 62 that I have to disable the SysTick timer before I switch to sleepmode and reenable it after wakup for long sleep perdiods. I use SYST_CVR as System-Timer and different sources of LLWU to wakeup. Is that required in general and for my configuration (LLS Mode)?


2) I read in the post InterruptVector component and MQX Lite that I have to call Cpu_SetOperationMode(DOM_RUN, NULL, NULL); after wakeup as soon as possible. I did not see this in my PEx_low_ower_demo example. So same question: Is this required an do I have to call the function in the LLSWakeUp inerrupt?


Thank you for any help!


Best regards, Dominic