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error target connection to i.MX35 in Visual Studio 2005

Question asked by Alexander Achleitner on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

Dear Community,

i have a problem with the connection to the i.MX35 board in boot mode.


error: the visual studio 2005 (Win CE 6.0) refuses the connection to i.MX35
in boot mode.


In the ethernet download settings, no target device boot name and no active
target device is visible.
Settings for Kernel device map are
Target device: CE Device
Download: Ethernet
Transport: Ethernet
Debugger: Kdstub


In the nand boot mode, the board starts with the bootloader and the ce ethernet
bootloader 1.0 from the nand flash. I configured the boot to stay longer in the delay
and set the ip address to


In the delay, image launch from flash or enter boot option menu is possible.

But i can not download software, as the visual studio does not recognize the
i.MX35 Freescale board. When i start putty, i always see the infos form the
bootloader, then the counter counting down the seconds untill booting the image
form flash.


So what is wrong, that visual studio does not recognize the board?

I tried to flash the XLDR or eboot with the ATK to  the nand flash, but there
was always an connection error.

I set the boot options for the SD-Card and i was able to flash the XLDR and eboot.
But setting the boot options for the SD card, visual studio also does not
recognize the board.


I think i tried all the combinations which are possible. Hyperteminal COM connection

with putty works well, but the Connection to visual Studio plattforem builder does not.


Now my question is, is there anyone who can help me? Did anyone a software
download with the visual studio 2005 and the ATK to the nand flash?

I thought, the board was in boot mode. What does the board transmit in boot mode?