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KSDK MCG PLL example?

Question asked by mjg8t on Jan 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by mjg8t

Hi There,


I am trying to get familiarized with the new SDK API's (very powerful yet much more complex).  To get started I am looking into how the MCG drivers work.  I was previously using the mcg.h/c which was quite simple to configure the PLL, clk sources, etc. 


In order to understand how this works I have been going through the SDK example projects to see how they are using the MCG.  I thought for sure that the USB examples would have to be configuring the PLL for proper operation.  After single stepping the code for the USB device CDC and a number of other projects I do not see any calls to any MCG PLL or OSC setups functions.  The only clock configuration that I can find in any of examples, other than clock gates, is:

“/* Setup board clock source. */

    g_xtal0ClkFreq = 8000000U;

    g_xtalRtcClkFreq = 32768U;

Yes, I could try and brute force my way using the API documentation,  but an example would be quite nice and seemingly appropriate.  Maybe there is one and I missed it somewhere?