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imx-drm framebuffer rotation

Question asked by ottawa-imx6 on Jan 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by Ivan Nikolaenko

Hello, I am using the imx-drm with a parallel rgb lcd under 3.18. I have it working a little, but there are a few little issues that I am still working on.


1. Does anyone know how to do a permanent 180 degree vertical flip of the framebuffer contents while using imx-drm? I would like this in the kernel upon initialization.


2. Strangely, I had to enable the framebuffer console in my configuration to get the display to work at all... I don't need the fbcon, but there must be something that it does to enable my drm setup to work.


3. While using imx-drm, what do we set our bootargs in u-boot to? Previously, I had reference to mxcfb0, but now that we are using imx-drm, there is no reference to this mxcfb0. This could be the root cause of the above, but I cannot find any documentation on it.