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MK60DN512 Custom Board

Question asked by Tom Moulton on Dec 29, 2014

I am looking to porting the board configuration for a Tower board to match a custom board.


When I check the TWR-K60D100 I see that it uses the MK60DN512VMD10 and my board uses the MK50DN512VLQ10.


I think I have gotten very lucky, just a different package but the same derivative of K60 because the different package basically results in different pin muxing.


Does that sound right?


If so then I should be able to use the MK60D10 device (under CMSIS)


I also see under boards/ the twrk60d100m, but I am not sure how these (board and device) both get tied together.


I see the <board_name>.peb file, but no mention of the MK60D10 in it either.


Maybe I am venturing where no man (should?) go...


Anyone succeed at porting an existing device to a custom board?