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Trouble initializing chip select after flash programming

Question asked by Louis Sather on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by TomE

I've run into a problem with coldfire 5272 and the flash interface.

This is a problem that seems to be hit and miss. I've programmed dozens of instruments with P&E's progCFZ flash programmer and have not had any issues, after removing the programmer the instrument would boot. Now I suddenly have each instrument verify correct programming in flash but the instrument will not boot.


Stepping through the bootloader with codewarrior I get an address error when attempting to initialize the chip select register for the Flash.

If I replace the flash on the board with another chip with a different date code the instrument will work. But why was this necessary? I'm able to remove power after programming the Flash and then reconnect to progCFZ and verify the S19 files correctly with an instrument that does not boot.


If the ProgCFZ BDM interface is able to communicate with the flash through the 5272 then the 5272 should be able to operate with the flash, correct?


Here is my chip select initialization code:


MCF5272_CS_CSBR0 = 0


        | MCF5272_CS_BR_SRAM

        | MCF5272_CS_BR_BW_16

        | MCF5272_CS_BR_EN;

    MCF5272_CS_CSOR0 = 0

        | MCF5272_CS_OR_MASK_32M

        | MCF5272_CS_OR_WS(3);