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Question for error of merged program writing

Question asked by Young-kyun Park on Dec 28, 2014
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I'm trying to merge bootloader and my own application.


1. compile bootloader with s-records generating option.

2. add "HEXFILE" line to .prm file of my own application

3. compile my own application. I got an .elf file and .sx file without error.

4. But I got an error when I try to download .elf to target board.

    error message like follows:


INF: Verifying object file CRC-16 to device ranges ...

INF:    block 00FE0000-00FE1731 ...

INF: Ok.

INF:    block 00FFF600-00FFFB66 ...

INF: Ok.

INF:    block 00FFFC00-00FFFDEC ...

INF: Ok.

INF:    block 00FFFE10-00FFFFFF ...

INF: CRC-16 Error in block. (File = $C087, Device = $C3D7)

ERR: Error verifying flash of device

ERR: Error occured during Flash programming.



The range of memory blocks are correct. I don't know why it didn't work.


My target mcu is MC9S12ZVML128 and developing with CodeWarrior 10.6.


Anyone to help me?