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SPI Flash problem with frequencies greater than 1MHz

Question asked by Durgesh Tanuku on Dec 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by Mark Butcher



     I am using KL25Z64 controller in my project. I have interfaced spansion's S25FL128S external flash. My flash code is working fine when I set 1MHz clock rate in component settings. But when I change the frequency to above 1MHz flash is not responding for Read/Sector erase commands.

    I have gathered the information from reference manual that, spi can work with frequencies upto half of the bus clock frequency when used as master. My core clock and bus clock frequencies are 48MHz and 24MHz. So it should work upto 12MHz.

     I have read the information in reference manual of flash IC that, it works till 113MHz of frequency.

     When I set the frequencies above 1MHz, I could see the spi clock getting generated with the help of logic analyser. But Coding blocking for receive interrupt.

     Suggest me how to resolve this issue