Mike Wenzel

Routing MSCAN to J7-6 on MC9S12D64, How?

Discussion created by Mike Wenzel on Sep 29, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2007 by Mike Wenzel
Having trouble routing MSCAN to Pins J7-6 on the MC9S12D64. I have succeeded in getting MSCAN to work on Port M, Pins 1-0 on two other derivatives, and on J7-6 (I think) on the 256, but nothing seems to work to get MSCAN to work on J7-6 of the D64.

I'm setting MODRR=3 to route CAN0 to PJ7/PJ6. I have tried various combinations of the other Port J configuration registers (e.g., DDRJ = 0x80 or 0x00, PERJ = 0x00 or 0xC3) I also have tried to ensure that the IIC is disabled (I think, by explicitly setting IBCR = 0). 

Is there some special combination of configuration bits needed to make JP7-6 work? Are there known hardware problems with the function?  (This is driving me nuts.)

Thanks for your help.