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PortP Partial Drive/Full Drive on S12ZVL

Question asked by Ikki Shingu on Dec 25, 2014
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About PortP on S12ZVL, Partial Drive or Full Drive are selectable,
then does Partial Drive mode have any merit?


For example, there are the specs(output current vs voltage drop) for PP7 as below.
Partial Drive @IOH = -2mA  : VDDX-0.8V
Full Drive @IOH = -10mA : VDDX-0.1V
Full Drive @IOH = -18mA : VDDX-0.2V
From these data, it seems that Full drive mode has a merit for output voltage drop
on the other hand the voltage drop on Partial Drive mode is big
despite the output current is smaller than the Full drive's one.


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