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MC68HC908QC16 question--monitor code

Question asked by 王剑翰 on Dec 25, 2014

I am sorry, I do not find the 8-bit microcontroller community space.

The document is MC68HC908QC16 Data Sheet (rev 5).

Question is as below, if someone know it, pls help to give me some kindly advice:

1, Is the monitor code provide as 908-QC16_8Mhz.08P by P&E tool? or it is the firmware be provided by FSL?

2, If the monitor ROM is erased, how to download the execute code to the flash and running?

3, In the page 227, it said, In monitor mode, the MCU can execute code downloaded into RAM by a host computer while most MCU pins retain normal operating mode functions.

Can the execute code be download into the flash in monitor mode?

4, In the page 229, the P&E tool is USB-ML-MON08. But my customer use CYCLONE PRO instand of it. Is it OK?


Thank you for your help and look forward to your kindly advice.